Our Stories, God’s Glory

Because everyone has HIStory

It’s true…We all have a story. But what’s really exciting is that God is the author. Whether we’re talking about our whole life story or just a brief moment in time, God’s handprint, His orchestration is everywhere. If we aren’t sensitive to the Holy Spirit, if we write off God-Incidences as happenstance, if we don’t take the time to look back at ah-ha moments, and look eagerly forward to where and how God will show up next, we miss out on the fullness and richness of a life walked with God!

For as long as I can remember, I loved hearing and exchanging stories. I’d sit captivated at my grandmother’s feet as she’d tell me all about her childhood on a farm in Ireland…or sweet and funny tales of raising my dad.

It wasn’t so much books that fueled my desire to share stories, it was my fascination with people and the real-life details of their often ordinary, sometimes extraordinary, lives.

As I got older, I started to see that our stories weren’t just fascinating, they mattered.

Our stories are like jewels in a treasure chest waiting to be discovered. These jewels are varied and colorful. As we hold them up to the light, they sparkle with promise and glimmers of beauty. They’re tremendously valuable…but sometimes you have to dig around a bit to find the hidden gems.

Of course, just like life, our stories can unfold through deep pain and plenty of suffering. The picture isn’t always pretty, the road isn’t always smooth, and the journey can be very messy. Regardless, God speaks to us and teaches us through our stories. And the glory belongs to Him!

I’ve served in a number of women’s ministries, including as State Coordinator for Moms In Prayer (formerly Moms In Touch International); speaker and coordinator of Cornerstone women’s fellowship ministry; Bible study leader; speaker at retreats, conferences, and rallies. My husband Chris and I are team couples for Engaged Encounter, a marriage prep retreat. I am blessed with a circle of cherished friends who gather regularly to share our faith stories, prayers, and encouragement, as we grow in intimacy with God and one another.

For over 25 years, I’ve worked professionally as a writer/editor in advertising, promotion, marketing, and journalism for HBO, Showtime, Working Mother, AARP, and Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange (www.HMExchange.com), where I’m currently the Editor. I love being a College Essay Coach to college-bound students. In the past, I taught the Bradley Method of Childbirth and ran a gourmet food store.

Married to my beloved husband for 28 years, we have four beautiful daughters and one son-in-love.

I love the fellowship of women, enjoy travel (a lot!), great restaurants, and I consider life an adventure, full of mountains and valleys, streams and deserts.

I believe as we share our God stories, lives are forever transformed. 


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  2. I saw your post on my blog (Diary of KFun) when you stopped by from Compel! I appreciate the visit and decided to hop on over to your blog too, and what a great blog you have! I am definitely a new follower now! Hope to connect soon!


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