Sunday, February 7, 2016

I Want to Say Yes to His Call

I Want to Answer This Question with My Life

The problem is I don't always hear His voice. And right now I'm not sure what He's calling me to. 

I don't like the unknown. But that's where I am. It's a bit of a waiting place. I have been blessed with certainty in the past. I have known for sure that I was hearing God and I knew what He was saying. Not so right now. 

I shared this with a few friends recently. I feel like my life has been torn up into pieces and the pieces are fluttering down. I'm asking God to be clear about which of those pieces falling to the ground He wants me to pick up. I'm just not sure lately. I'm releasing it all to Him. Many facets of my life - What I do...Who I do it with...Where I do it? 

I know God will answer. I know He will have an assignment for me. My friends described the pieces of paper as confetti. I'll take it. One day it will be a celebration of me knowing that it is I He will send...and I will answer with a resounding "Send me!"

Until then, I'll just have to trust that God knows my beginning from my end. And in the middle, I have to believe. Oh God, help me in my unbelief. 

How about you? What's your story? Where are you on the journey? Do you hear God? Where does He want to send you?

Let's Chat! Please leave a comment


Let's Chat! Please leave a comment


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