Wednesday, October 15, 2014

God-Sized Dreams - The Cost of Comparing Our Dreams

When You’re Afraid Your God-sized Dream is too Much Like Hers

Do you ever wonder, “Why should I bother trying to realize my God-sized Dream?”

After all…

Elaine has an established platform.

Jennifer has money to spend on her dream.

Catie has connections that swing doors wide open.

And, Susie? Well, she can afford to hire a babysitter…so she can dedicate more time to move her dream forward.

Oh my…this pit of comparison, it’s deep. And it can be really hard to climb up on out of it. 

I know…I’ve been there.

I’ve gotten stuck down there in the muck and the mire of lies. I’ve taken my eyes off my dream and placed them squarely on the dream progress of others. And you know what happens then?

I can get jealous, coveting what another has.
I can get entitled, believing I deserve something someone else got.
I can get resentful, not really wishing other dreamers well.
I can get UGLY!

And what I can’t get is any closer to my dream. Because my mind, energy, efforts are being used up by anxious, bitter, envious thoughts.

So what’s a dreaming girl– who’s gotten off track and trapped in a rut of comparison– to do?

We’ve got to regroup. We’ve got to take action against our wrong thinking. And we’ve got to get a little help from our friend The Lord!

Step 1 – Admit Your Comparative Ways – Are you guilty of casting your eyes upon someone else’s dream? It’s okay…we’re only human. But we can’t stop a destructive pattern of thinking if we don’t face up to it. So let’s just take a moment here.

Lord, am I wanting what you’ve given to someone else? Am I coveting my neighbor’s dream? Please show me, Lord!

Step 2 – Confess Your Comparisons – God made only one me…only one you. He tells us we are fearfully and wonderfully made. He tells us not to covet. He tells us to love one another. He tells us to have a pure heart. And when we compare, we often neglect our own gifts, even worse, we can toss them aside, as though they’re not good enough.

Lord, I’m sorry I want what Jane has. Can you show me how you’ve made me? Remind me of the gifts you’ve given me…the dreams you’ve place in my heart? I’m sorry I’ve looked at my gifts as not good enough.

Step 3 – Be Mindful Going Forward – We can slide into the comparison trap without even realizing it. Maybe we’re tired…or weary…or frustrated with how our dream is going or not going. And our thoughts start to wander and we find ourselves wishing, hoping, daydreaming that our situation was different…more like hers. This is a temptation that God can give us victory over.

Oh Lord, please help me to be aware when my thoughts start to go there…When I wish things were different. Help me to keep a record of my dreams, how you made me, the progress and dream fulfillment you’ve allowed in my life.

Step 4 – Take One Step Forward on Your Dream Path – Think about what you really can do to move forward on your dream. One small step at a time. What can you do today? Do it!

Oh Lord, your desire is that I would prosper. You are my Dream Giver. Help me to trust that I am in your care. And show me Lord, what can I do today to fulfill the dream you’ve planted?

What small step toward your dream can you take today? 

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