Wednesday, October 8, 2014

31 Days of Writing - Why Do You Write?

31 Days of Writing - Day 4

Why Write?

The moon is out...and I'm writing!

Well, I don't mind telling you, I'm officially wiped out. I've been writing at close to 12 midnight for the fourth night in a row now. And I'm tired! I need my sleep! 

By the same token, I need writing. Really! I miss it when I don't write. It's such a powerful way of processing. Holding onto thoughts. Reflecting. And through this experience, even for just a few days, I can see I've made writing a low priority. I have gotten out of the habit of writing...and we all know habits take time to break and build. 

So hopefully, by the end of this little period of time, I'll have established a habit of writing every day. And it will be okay that on some days, there's just a train of thought, and on other days, there is a nugget I'll want to hold up to the light, examine a little closer. On some days, my writing will be maybe even abysmal, but on other days, there might be a smidgeon of profundity. 

I'm thinking about why I write too on this 31 day journey. And there are a few reasons:

  1. As I mention above, writing is an effective tool for processing and reflecting. 
  2. Writing helps me remember things I might forget. 
  3. Writing is a way of recording Ah-Ha moments. 
  4. Writing often helps me to see myself more clearly, a bit like looking into a mirror through words. I often discover something in myself worth noting...and often that process starts with me "noting" something about you.
  5. Writing helps me understand something I'm grappling with - death, grief, life, parenting, faith. 
  6. Writing is a way to share my passion, journey, challenges, triumphs, hopes that every once in a while I've stumbled across something that might spark your passion, inspire or challenge you. 
  7. Writing draws me closer to God because I'm often writing about something He is teaching me and "talking" to me about. 

Hey...If you're reading...Would you mind sharing why you write? 

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