Monday, October 13, 2014

31 Days of Writing - What's Stopping You from Fulfilling Your Dreams to Write?

31 Days of Writing - Day 9

What’s Stopping You from Reaching Your Writing Dreams?

So when it comes to writing for 31 days, you could say I’m a big failure. Because I haven’t managed to write every day.* No, not at all.

However, I am learning some things along the journey of “not writing.”
  1. Writing Has To Be Non-Negotiable – Writing is on my very long list of To-Dos. However, I treat it as though it’s entirely flexible and movable. And so while it’s on the list, I easily move it lower on the list as I allow the tyranny of the urgent to take precedence
  2. There Is No Such Thing as “Finding Time” – When is the last time you “found time,” discovering it like an unexpected jewel in your day? For me, this is a rare moment. I have pressing due dates at all times. So when I have a 1/2 hour, my tendency is to think about what’s due next. What do I have to do? I put off the writing I want to do till after that. This cycle continues day after day with no writing completed.
  3. Writing Requires Me to “Make Time” – Of course, I can’t actually make time. However, I can make sure there is time marked off intentionally in my schedule to write. I can make sure I don’t keep moving my writing slot lower and lower on my To-Do list.
  4. Writing Requires Quieting and Slowing Down – I have not yet found a way in my busy day to write while I am doing something else with someone else. No! Writing necessitates thought, time, focus, and being willing to step out of the fun, the busy (which I confess energizes me), the party (not really parties, though I do love a good party, rather I have to step away from the group activities).
  5. Writing Requires a Schedule – In some ways my little list here is inverted. Because really, this lack of schedule may be the crux of the matter. While I have a sort of big picture list, I have been working on laying out a detailed schedule within the confines of work hours for more years than I care to tell you. I know this would be good for me. But I resist. It’s as though I say to myself, “No one is going to tell me what exactly to do with my daynot even me!” Talk about counterproductive.
So what’s a writer to do? I guess I have to start with what looks like the end on my list. I have to stop balking at a more structured life (This is why I’m a freelancer and not a nine-to-fiver, so it is a challenge!). I have to anticipate and the accomplishments that come through discipline alone.

Wish me luck! 

What are the stumbling blocks to your writing? If you want to write, what’s stopping you?

* Just letting you knowEvery workday is in fact dedicated to writing, editing, and coaching projects. This is my career and of course I complete all my assignments. The writing I’m not getting to is the writing I like to do on my blog – reflective, personal, recounting blessings, and learning from life.


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