Sunday, October 5, 2014

31 Days of Writing - Because it Matters

31 Days of Writing - Day 1

Joining the 31 Days Challenge with the Nester,

Today I'm joining in on The Nester's, aka Myquillyn Smith, 31 Day Writing Challenge. This challenge has been going on for years during the month of October and I joined back in 2012 with a challenge I named 31 Days of Simple, But Beautiful Things. This little challenge had me looking at the everyday with fresh eyes...and I was committed to writing EVERY DAY (well, almost)! That was a challenge that really worked for me. Who doesn't love beauty, especially beauty staring right at us in the simple things of life - a simple, but beautiful thanks, a simple, but beautiful question, a simple, but beautiful birthday? And writing, well I can get so busy with writing and editing and coaching assignments, that I get away from my own writing. 

The writing I want to do is important to me. It gives me perspective, helps me process, and necessitates reflection. So this time 'round, I'm going to keep it even simpler...I'm just going to write every day for 31 days. This series of posts will be called 31 Days of Writing. Even if it ends up being a word with a picture, I'm going to write something. 

The 31 Day Challenge at officially closes today, Sunday, October 5. So you still have a few hours...If you miss it, and you want to join me in the challenge, well just let me know in the comments. I'd be happy to know who's on the journey.

My thought today on Writing is...

Our writing matters. 

Whether we're writing in our journals, writing helpful articles, writing inspirational reflective words, writing instructions, or writing out our prayers, our writing matters. 

So write on...

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  1. Good luck with your 31 days series! I'm happy to visit your blog today from twitter. Hadn't been here in a while. You're brave to write for 31 days. I'm leaving it for next year. Way too many things going on in my life this fall. I enjoyed your post on tribe writers too, but won't leave a comment there. I like the "get your butt in a chair and write" concept. So simple, yet so difficult!


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