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The Blessings and Challenges of a God-sized Dream Adventure

When Your God-Sized Dream Leads to 

and Adventure and a Challenge

... I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.     Gen 28:15

I have prayed that my life will be a God-adventure. That God will take me where only He can, places where I cannot go without Him, to live a life that I could not live without Him.
When we embark on an adventure there are elements of the unknown, unexpected fun, and maybe some challenges as well.

I think about the 40-Day family adventure we took across the country almost 12 years ago.The kids were 13, 11, and 6. Because we had to book rooms at our chosen National Parks almost a year in advance, those reservations were set in stone. But a lot of the travel in-between the National Parks was flexible. The journey along the way was full of never-seen-before sights in areas of the country we had never been to before. We had to spend a lot of time together, in a mini-van to boot.

As we set out on this cross-country adventure, I wondered, What will this be like? Will it be a struggle to get along for 40 days with no one else on board except the five of us? Will we be able to stand each other by the time it’s over?

Well, I can tell you it was the most incredible journey.

We experienced many full brilliant beautiful blue-sky days. We crossed the Mojave Desert in 124-degree heat. We rode horses along the red cliffs of Mount Zion Park and the Badlands. We picnicked amongst majestic California redwoods and lush vineyards. And as we stood, astounded and breathless, at the edge of the Grand Canyon, I couldn’t contain my awe, bursting into tears as a fiery sun set over this glorious natural wonder.
There were also some mishaps along the way:
  • One horse galloped off with my “baby”…and another’s hoof slipped off the side of a cliff, which threatened my husband’s very life.
  • When we arrived at Mount Rushmore, thick clouds moved in, rapidly obstructing our view of the famous presidential rock sculptures we had come so far to see.
  • My very sick 11 year old ran a high fever with a terrible earache from Nashville, Tennessee, through Austin, Texas.
  • We got lost for hours in the darkest of nights, as we circled round and round trying to find our “ranch” in South Dakota, which turned out to be a lonely tired cowboy camp. 

But overall, the trip was a dream come-true. An adventure like no other, we even experienced a spiritual journey, recording our daily devotions and prayers in a huge sketchbook.
 Our God-sized Dream journeys can be a lot like our cross-country adventure…
 There can be incredible high points…Times when we know God is opening a door that only He can open. Other times you cannot explain a coincidence, a divine connection as anything but God-incidence. There are moments when one step leads to the next, and you sense God’s orchestration and His favor as you journey forward.

But there is also the other side of the God-sized Dream journey; the unknown, scary, frustrating part. That’s the part I don’t like so much.

That is when we have to let go and trust that God knows what He’s doing. We have to believe that God will carry us through the obstacles and frustrations until we get there. We often have no choice but to go forward blindly, because we know He knows where we’re going, even when we haven’t a clue.

Yes, God-sized dreaming is a journey, an adventure, full of unusual and exciting (sometimes scary and confusing) stretches of time traveled in uncertainty.

Where are you today on your God-sized Dream journey? Are you dealing with uncertainty? Challenges? Let’s talk about it. And cheer each other on!

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