Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stop to See Spring Burst Forth...and Happy Easter!

Don’t Miss The  Glorious Gifts of Spring

Sing to the Lord All the Earth   Psalm 96

As I drove around my town the other day, I stopped in my tracks, overcome by the bursting of flowers and trees, buds everywhere I turned.
  • Forsythia splashed their bright yellow branches, some neatly trimmed, some wild and crazyout of control.
  • Daffodils lined long stretches of sidewalk, gathered in groups below not-quite-bare branches of overhanging trees, splashed haphazardly across the sweeping lawn of a nearby park.
  • Crocuses clustered, tidy tight bunches of deep violet and golden rod, grape hyacinths nestled amongst them.T 

Though I had my usual long list of To Dos waiting for me at home, I had to pause. 

The splendor called. I drove up and down the hilly suburban streets of my town, jumping from my car to try and capture this stage of spring on film, this rebirth of nature in all its glory.

I was stunned, breathless, mesmerized by life at every turn.

All creation calls Him Holy!

I couldn’t stop gawking.

  • The cheery cherry flourished with its rich crowns of pretty soft pink, while the weeping variety danced near the ground.  
  • Magnolia were magnificent in their stripes of fuschia and white.
  • Apple blossoms had another day or two to reach their full spectacle, halfway between bud and burst.
  • The pear trees, not yet ripe, held tight to their budsin a matter of days their time will come and they too will deliver a plethora of snowy blossoms that fall quickly covering the ground with a manna-like carpet. 

Oak, elm, maple, willow, birch will followtheir winter buds will soon turn to verdant shades of green and plum.

If you stand still, you may actually be able to see the activity this new life brings. 

Like a time-lapse film, you can see the glory unfold.

Tomorrow, we celebrate the new life that came for all of usThough He entered quietly, the son of a working-class family, with little fanfare and 30 years of ordinary life. Ultimately all would be recorded in The Book, so we can ponder, we can stop, we can pause, know, experience the greatest story of all.

The Truth – He is Risen! Allelujah! Don’t miss the Free Gift Given Once and for All for You and for Me.
 Happy Easter!


  1. Thanks for getting me to pause for a moment to look at God's wonderful creation springing forth this week.
    My list of To Dos also wait for me at home. As I celebrated Jesus today, risen from the dead, I realize that my priorities must be set on Him and not on my schedule and plans.

  2. Fabulous. Spring life blossoming in words. Love the snow of the Adirondack chair in front of the blossoming weeping cherry.

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