Thursday, February 20, 2014

How Our Grandbaby Ema Has Filled Us With Joy

How Our Grandbaby Ema Has Filled Us With New Joy

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!     Psalm 100:1 

When we heard the news we were ecstatic. Our daughter (my step) Lauren was having a baby. Oh what a blessing! There’s just something about a new baby.

Lauren and Tony had been together for many years, married for five, and in their thirties. It seemed like perfect timing to me. In fact, it struck me as an extra-perfect gift and uncanny timing this past August. Our youngest was heading off to college for the first time. I was heavy hearted as we settled Amelia into her dorm room, then hugged and waved goodbye as she set off on a wilderness retreat. So happy for her, but I would miss her so much. How could this be? How could this day have arrived with my husband Chris and I releasing our youngest child?

I was more than a little cheered when we decided we didn’t have to go right home.

A little avoidance by way of a visit with Lauren and Tony would be just the thing and they lived a few short miles from Amelia’s university. I was acutely aware of and looking forward to touring their new home and celebrating the impending birth of our grandchildinstead of returning too quickly to our newly empty home.

Lauren was a healthy six months pregnant and their new place was charming and inviting. Tony had a crew over to finish up some renovation before the baby came. Could this familiar scenario have been our reality 25 years before? That long ago and yet so recently?

The joy of what lie ahead took over the shock of what was behind us.

What would this new phase be like? Chris and I both loved babies. And we had heard so much about becoming grandparents. I have friends who are so smitten with their grandkids—their eyes light up, their smile widens, the pictures come out. Grandparents get downright giddy when describing their grandchildren or sharing a picture or telling a tale. You can’t help but share in the joy!

Would it be like that for me? Would I fall in love? Would I be aglow with joy? Would I anticipate every sound, smile, blink of an eye, wriggle, and giggle? Would it be different for me because Lauren was my stepdaughter? And not actually related by blood? I have known Lauren since she was two. She was a part of every weekend with her dad, my husband-to-be, and she lived with us starting at 12. We’re pretty darn close. Still, I wondered…

Well I’m here to tell you! Emalinda Elicia (named for her three grandmothers, including me) has brought this family unfailing joy since she emerged on the scene. Oh there have been the sleepless nights for her bleary-eyed parents, the worries (Is she eating, peeing, pooping enough? Nursing properly? Sleeping too muchtoo little?), and the adjustments to having a baby all the time! But there is a sense of hope and love and joy and newness and wonder and glee evident in every picture shared, every FaceTime chat, every sound recorded, every progress reported.

Yes, at 12 weeks Ema is a genius—talking, laughing, wide-eyed, walking (well not quite, but you know what I mean…). And we are smitten!

My brother-in-law asked about Ema one dayWe gushed, he laughed, and said, “Everyone is just so happy about this baby. Anytime any of you talk about her, you can’t help but smile.”

Ema is pure joy!

What brings you joy? I’d love to hear in the comments…

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  1. What a lovely baby granddaughter you have. So cute. I often notice how God brings something new just when we experience loss! My children bring me joy. I'm not looking forward to my oldest going off to college in a year and a half, but I know God will have new things for me!

    1. Thanks for coming by Betsy! It's true...God knows how to keep things new and fresh. He's always got something for us. Oh my, when my first went off to college, I have to admit, I was kind of a mess for a while there. Thank God, I got through. And I'm okay and of course, I'm still a mom. But I miss the full home. Getting used to new normal!


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