Monday, December 30, 2013

A God-Sized Dream Site Launch

Announcing the Launch of a New Website

About a year ago, I joined a book launch group with Holley Gerth in preparation for the publication of her beautiful, encouraging, and powerful book You're Made for a God-Sized Dream Our team was aptly called the God-Sized Dream Team.

So funny...I knew the group had started, but I was completely lost. Where was this team? Was it on Holley's blog? Was I missing emails? It was embarrassing...

It turns out, the team was gathering in a private Facebook group. But this had been lost on me, because I didn't quite know what that was. There was related stuff showing up in my feed. And then I noticed the list on the side of my Facebook page, the one labeled Groups. And there was "the" group. How did it get there???

Well, I clicked...and the door opened wide. It was a virtual door that led to a world of dreamers. 

There in that virtual place, we met, chatted, got to know one another (yes...this can happen online!), and actually started sharing our lives, our hopes and doubts, prayers, insecurities, secrets. One of the dreamers, now beloved friend Chelle, even lived in my town. And a bunch of us were blessed to meet at Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference...then at Allume bloggers conference.

A year later, we are still meeting. Only now, the virtual door has flung wide open. 

And there is a brand-new site, just launched today, dedicated to God-sized dreams...thanks to fellow dreamer Christine Wright, who bravely heeded God's prompting. It's Where Dreams Set Sail.

There is room for everyone who has a God-sized dream...or doesn't have one, but wants one. There are FREE Giveaways all this week and beyond. Link-ups, so you can share your journey, your dreams. Lots of stories shared...real stories of God-sized dreams. Some just being explored and some dreams already fulfilled. And there is lots of community support, prayer, and encouragement.

So hop on over to Climb on board and set sail with us. Adventure awaits...

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