Friday, November 15, 2013

Five Minute Friday TREE


And they were calling to one another: "Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory."                                    Isaiah 6:3

Such a simple word, yet it has so much significance. At this time of year I, find myself blown away by the magnificence of fall. So many vibrant colorsI am almost breathless. In awe like a little child. Look at that brilliant red. The day-glo yellow. The flaming orange. Against the backdrop of crystal blue.

It gives me pausethis is God’s splendor, His beauty. It is all around.  It makes it easy to wake up and proclaim this is the day the Lord has made. Thank you for this reminder of your glory, your beauty, and your incredible cycle of life.

This brilliance precedes the end of the cycle. These leaves fall to the ground, but they are the preparation for a slow down, a darkening, a mellowing, a bareness. And while life seems somewhat dormant, before we know ittiny buds mark the trees again. Sprouts burst so gloriously you can almost see the growth, like stop-action film.

Oh my the circles of life, the seasons. And so it goes. I love all the season! Each one teaches us of God’s great plan--the spiritual journey, the walk of faith. The seasons we live through this great and booming bursting life.

This is a post inspired by Lisa-Jo Baker's Five Minute Friday.
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  1. That's a really great observation - the trees so faithfully represent the seasons, don't they? How beautiful! Hopping over from 5MF!


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