Saturday, August 3, 2013

Don't You Love a Good Story?


My 5 Minute Friday Post on a Saturday

...You who bring good news to Jerusalem,
    lift up your voice with a shout... (From Isaiah 40:9)

I just love a good story.

Maybe it’s because I’m Irish. We just love good stories and can spin them too!
Or maybe it’s just cuz I’m human and as such, I have a story and I know you too have a story. And I want you to know mine and I want to know yours.

I have always really wanted to know moreand if you tell me your story, I’ll know more. I don’t want the pretty story. I want the real story. And I will tell you mine too. Because I like real relationship. I’m not good at fluff! I want to really know you. I want to take the risk and I want you to take that risk with me. Really know you, really know me. There is so  much to know, to learn from one another.

Every story is a God story. Custom-tailored, handwritten by Him in our hearts and minds through our lives. And because of this, I believe our stories inform us of ourselves and of God and of one another. They can reform—I can change as I reflect back on my story. I can learn from yours. Our stories can give us hope. Especially in the looking back, in the retelling, we can see the hand of God right there in our storieseven the bad stories.

He’s right there in the background, in the corner, in the center of our stories. He’s telling the story of Him and of me and of you and who He is--friend, brother, lover, comforter listener carer, helpmate, ever present, always love, kind, goodeven when it’s hard. He’s written our stories, your story, my story. As we share them and pour them out and give of them and from them and through them, we can give to one another hope, love, cheer, encouragement. We can teach, care, engage, connect, love. 

These are our stories. Precious!
What's Your Story?


  1. Very cool perspective. Thank you for sharing this. It's so true - our stories are important.

  2. I love how this week's prompt ties in with your blog's tag line. Beautiful writing too! Visiting from the 5MF!

  3. Five minutes on a Friday or any other day, for that matter, is the perfect way to honor where we are in our lives. Love it. As always thanks for your sharing.

  4. the real story... it's the story we sometimes done't share. It sure feels good when we do though...


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