Monday, June 10, 2013

God Hears!

Do You Believe God Hears Your Cries?

Then you will call, and the LORD will answer; you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I...Isaiah 58:9a

I started praying in a Moms in Prayer (then Moms In Touch) group over 20 years ago. I can’t quite believe that. And I surely can’t believe that my youngest daughter is now 18 and leaving our home for college soon. (Shocking…I couldn’t be that old!)

I didn’t know it, but Moms in Prayer was something I was desperately looking for. Moms in Prayer truly carried me through these 20 years. It drew me closer to my Lord, and brought me the gift of extraordinary friends; friends who prayed and stuck by each other through the hard times and together celebrated the good times…In fact, many of the women I met through Moms in Prayer are today my very closest friends.

Looking for a prayer partner

My journey started when I moved back to my hometown with a three month old, two year old, and a 13-year-old stepdaughter. I had experienced some losses, some tough times that had drawn me into a deeper more personal relationship with Jesus than I had ever had before. I wanted to keep the momentum going. And I was looking for a friend who would like to learn more about the bible, a friend who would pray with me. I had heard a lot about prayer partners, but I had never had one.

A couple of years passed and I hadn’t yet found my partner. I kept praying on my own, praying for a prayer partner, and was plenty busy raising my little family. We had even added one more little darling to the pack.

Then it was time for my firstborn to board her first yellow school bus that sent her clear across town.

She had been to a lovely little nursery school. Now she was four and heading into the big leagues, the public schools. I wasn’t quite ready…In fact, I was terrified. I choked back tears as I watched that big bus rumble away with my daughter’s little face pressed to the glass, her hand waving vigorously goodbye.

I was thankful for Cindy. She had greeted me immediately when I arrived at the bus, coffee cup in hand, and confidence in her voice.

It was going to be okay…

A couple of conversations over that school year had me wondering, “Could Cindy be the praying mom I was looking for?” She hadn’t said she was a Christian, but some of the things she did say sent a little happy alarm to my spirit.

That summer, there was Cindy at a local Vacation Bible Study. She had a bible in her hand and was heading to the mother’s group just like me.

Then, that fall, when we reunited at the bus stop, we enthusiastically shared with one another about the Focus on the Family radio show we had both heard featuring Moms in Prayer Founder Fern Nichols. Fern was sharing her growing ministry of mothers praying for their children and schools. 

We were moms. We had kids in the same schools.

Cindy, way ahead of me in the bible studying department, was willing to start the group and I was thrilled at the prospect of joining her.

That was the beginning of so much. What started as a cry in my heart for a prayer partner led to Moms in Prayer, which led me to knowing God through His Word, learning about the necessity of confession and the joy of forgiveness, remembering to recount all the things God was doing with Thanksgiving, and indeed crying out, many times quite literally, on behalf of my children and their schools.

The most active years of raising a family are about to end. I’m sure I’ll shed more than a few tears as I attend my baby’s high school graduation, when I drop her off at college, and when I return home to a quiet and empty house.

Thinking about what lies ahead, I am more thankful then ever for the way God led me to Moms in Prayer.

Though my children will no longer be under my roof, as Fern has said, “They can never escape our prayers.”

I will continue to pray for my kids in my College and Career group…and one day, I will be joining the fellowship of praying moms in a Grandmas in Prayer group, which I hear is beyond awesome! I’ll let you know…

God hears our cries. You’ve got His Word on that—1 Chronicles 5:20Psalm 34:4Psalm 86:71 John 5:14

What is the cry of your heart right now?

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