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Consider Taking Jeff Goins Tribe Writers Course!

If you want to be a writer...
If you want to be a better writer...
If you want to get the audience your writing deserves...

Then consider taking Jeff Goins Tribe Writers Course like I did...

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A couple of years ago when I began to take my own writing a little more seriously, I joined a Writer's Group. One of the women in my group suggested I check out So I did.

I liked what I found on Jeff's site so much, I immediately subscribed. 

I didn't want to miss the encouragement, advice, and writing tools Jeff shared on a regular basis. And he even offered a FREE ebook called The Writers Manifesto, which helped me claim, "I am a writer!" Not just a professional journalist or copywriter, but a full-fledged writer. I know some of you know what I mean...

Anyway, I was a loyal follower and loved Jeff's content. 

I actually wished I could get some coaching from Jeff...or take a class from him. He knew so much I didn't know about the world of writing, publishing, and platform!

Well, I mustn't have been the only one thinking this. So when Jeff offered the first Tribe Writers course, I immediately signed up. To be honest, I was a little nervous and wondered if it would be worth my little investment. 

Well, that was last October. And I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Tribe Writers. It was worth every penny...I have definitely moved forward in my writing and in building my audience. Plus Tribe Writers connected me with a truly special community of incredibly generous fellow writers.

I would not ordinarily share this course with you on this site. 

It's not really what I do here at But I love this course...Know some of you are writers...and wanted to share.

One of the most important things Jeff has taught me through his blog and through Tribe Writers is:

If you want to be a writer, Write, Write, Write, and Write again!

If you sign up through me, by clicking on the button above or on my sidebar, I actually get a percentage of the course fee for helping Jeff get the word out. 

Enough from me.

Here's what Jeff has to say...

Tribe Writers
Hey there,

So far, over 200 students have signed up for this next class of Tribe Writers. Since you get instant access to all the material as soon as you sign up, several people have already jumped in and are raving about the course.

But is it for you? Great question.

It's one thing to hear from the teacher (me) who's understandably biased and quite another to listen to someone who actually paid to go through the experience.

I thought it'd be helpful for you to hear from past students, so I asked a few alumni to share what Tribe Writers meant to theme:

"I was part of the very first class. It was amazing but has gotten even better! The material is great, Jeff is amazing, and the group of fellow writers is a wonderful bonus. If you are considering it, don't hesitate to take the leap into our family."
—Clara Rose

"Among many things, Tribe Writers helped me to clarify my blogging strategy. The result was a clearer vision, less frustration, and a better understanding of the purpose of blogging."
—Peter DeHaan

"It is not so much what the course has helped me do, but what the course hashelped me become. A writer." 
—Pamela Hodges

"Tribe Writers transformed me from an amateur to a professional. I went from talking about writing a book, to actually publishing one."
—James Prescott

"Tribe Writers changed my life. I wanted to write yet did not know where to begin. The course taught me how and a lot more besides. Jeff goes out of his way to encourage you to succeed. The best part is that once you are done, the community is still there to give you support. I made wonderful new friends online. My life is richer: I am writing, creating, and having fun."
—Patricia Storbeck
Read and listen to more testimonials here.

I have to tell you: It's pretty cool to see people believe in something you've poured your heart into. If you're interested in joining us, we'd love to have you.

You can sign up for Tribe Writers now and save $50. Plus, you'll get lifetime access to ALL the content and $160 in free bonuses. 

Registration closes on Monday. After that the price WILL go up. So if you want to join now to get the best deal and go through the content later, you can totally do that.

And of course, there's the 60-day money-back guarantee. If you aren't 100% satisfied with the course, I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Once registration closes, the course won't be available for at least another few months. So if you want to join a community of 1200+ writers who are finding the audiences their words deserve, you should register before July 1st.

Find out more about the Tribe Writers course by clicking here.



P.S. I'm getting lots of emails from people who wonder if they are "too young" or "too old" to take the course. Some wonder if it's okay for people outside of the U.S.

This course is FULL of folks from all over the world and of all ages. If you have a circumstance that makes you feel disqualified, let me know by replying to this message).

I can assure you: You won't be a misfit, and we would LOVE to have you. And 
just a reminder: The link to sign up is


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