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What do you really want more of in your life? Will you dare to say it out loud?

What do you really want more of in your life? Will you dare to say it out loud?

A dreamy view of Ireland in honor of St. Patrick's Day!

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.   Romans 8:28

Recently, on Holley Gerth’s blog, Dee Kasberger wrote about how her dream was to share her faith. She read books about it and tried to be like the women of the church who seemed to share their faith well and easily. And Dee tried to speak her faith, but got tongue-tied or somehow botched the delivery. It was frustrating.

Then Dee moved to a new home. She wanted to decorate her home in a way that showed her love for the Lord, big and bold. So she started designing Red Letter Words, faith-inspired art, that has become a successful business (beautiful

Dee’s story reminded me that we just don’t know how God is going to answer the desires of our heart…how He’s going to bring all things together to fulfill a dream He seems to have planted.

What’s my dream? I want to live out the name of this blog.
Our Stories God’s Glory

I want to write it and speak it, I want to share my story to give Him glory. I want to help you share your story of God’s glory. Writer. Speaker. Coach.

I was recently invited to speak with the precious young moms of  a MOPs group (Mothers of Preschoolers) on the topic of marriage. I knew the speaking engagement was just a couple of weeks away…and appreciated the gentle nudge of a MOPs leader who asked me to please send her the text of my talk, asap, even if just in draft form.

I just so happened to be on a little writer’s retreat, which meant I was spending two days alone, without any distractions, mostly writing. I also spent a good couple of hours of quiet time meeting with God before my writing day started. It was awesome!

I asked God to speak through me.

Chris and I have been married for 28 years and we’ve learned a thing or two, sometimes the hard and painful way, of what it takes to stay married. That was the message I felt led to share.

I sat at my computer and wrote a rough draft. My story unfolded easily. I figured my talk would need some editing and further instruction from the MOPs leader, but at least I could get this draft quickly to her soon after her request came in.

I hit Send…and went on to some other writing. A little while later, I checked my emails to find a Reply back from my MOPs friend who had two minor word edits and this comment, “This was outstanding.” I was just thrilled.

I read back over my talk and realized God had really answered my prayer.

This made sense, since He is the true author of my faith…He’s written the very story of my life!!

One evening, years ago, when my husband and I sat across from each other at the kitchen table seriously considering whether or not our marriage could sustain the pain, whether or not we could cross the divide that threatened to separate us for good…God knew.

God knew that He would one day use all the bad we had been through for His good.

He knew He would create beauty for ashes. He knew our marriage with all its tears and tatters, all its gritty reality, eventually would stand as a testimony of what God can do to make a bunch of broken pieces whole.

I spoke. I shared the truth of our pain, our sorrow, our joy, and our triumph. I shared some keys to staying married; three Cs—Commit, Communicate, Choose and 2 Fs—Forgiveness and Faith.

The message captivated. And my dear friends who came to support me and give me an honest assessment of my talk assured me my message resonated powerfully and was delivered well.

I was humbled. Because our story of victory, of overcoming the odds…well, it’s to God’s glory. We fought for our marriage, we got counseling, we worked hard, but God’s power sealed the deal.

The next day, I was doing a little straightening…and I heard that still small voice.

“Yesterday…that message you shared? That’s My message in you. I wrote that message with your life. Don’t miss this…Share that message.”

I was moved, a little stunned. It’s right in front of me…God is making my dream come true.

Our stories aren’t meant just for us…they’re meant to be shared, to be poured out, to heal.

What’s your dream? Take a moment to think about this…It’s important. I’d love to you to share…

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  1. Powerful post Elise! You are both a gifted writer and speaker. You're "living the dream." Really!

    1. Susan, you are such an encouragement to me. Thank you!!!

  2. So glad you are sharing your story, and that you are able to see fruit from the hard work in your marriage. I am sure that was very powerful and hopeful for the women you shared with!

    1. was quite an epiphany. You know how it know something, but then all of the sudden you KNOW something!!

  3. Elise,
    Yes. You were made for this.Just being in your presence makes me bold to speak, and inspired to write, so effortlesly. I literally see the God in you when we're together. You're talented, I've read your writing, but you have the additional capacity to midwive things from others. It's a blessing being in your presence.
    Thank you, friend,

  4. Oh my, Chelle...I am so blessed by your words. I am deeply touched and truly humbled.

  5. Love this post. I'm living my dream, too. Sure, I could ask to be famous, but when I really think about what that involves, I know that I'm so blessed to be under the radar. I want to encourage other people. Who that is and how many is up to the Lord.

  6. So true! God is working through your story beautifully. What a blessing you are...and not just to those MOPS ladies! : )

  7. I used to think I would never share certain things, because that would leave the door wide open for other's to judge. I was hard enough on myself for things done, and I didn't need anyone else adding to that. But as God has healed, I've realized that bad stuff can be used for God's glory, if I let it. I'm sure you sharing your story was a huge blessing to those ladies, especially those that were silently struggling.

  8. Bad stuff really can be used for God's glory Alecia. I know our difficulties and challenges forced us to magnify God, to rely on Him because we had come to the end of ourselves...our answers. I pray that my sharing helps someone to know that it's okay. God is big enough to handle our trials. And He's willing, if we let Him.


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