Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What are you putting off today?

What are you putting off today?

I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.   Philippians 4:13

Which expression resonates more with you…

“Why do today, what you can put off till tomorrow?”


“Why put off till tomorrow, what you can do today?

Me? If you know me well…you know the answer. If you don’t, I’ll give you a hint.

My husband refers to me at times as “one of the Delay sisters” (as opposed to Daly sisters…of which I am one of four).

Hello! I’m Elise Daly Parker and I am a procrastinator. There are several reasons—perfectionism, fear of success, fear of failure, what ifs, laziness, complacency, and sometimes just too darn many things to do.

But I know, and you probably do too, that if “it’s” really important, we can choose to make time to start doing.

So what is it I’m delaying? What am I not doing?

Today, the answer rings in my ears loud and clear! I am not completing my website, www.EliseDalyParker.com. And it’s for all the reasons I mentioned above…but especially fear of becoming overwhelmed and not being able to deliver what I promise.

My new website will be in my name. It will put my reputation on the line. It will proclaim to the world wide web…I am a writer. I am an editor. I am a coach. And I can use all that I’ve learned over 30 years of writing and editing professionally to help you develop your personal brand, your voice, your writing.

Even though it’s all true…I’m scared to put it out there.

What if you think I’m obnoxious for tooting my own horn?
What if I get so much work, I can’t handle it. (From my lips to God’s ears!)
What if someone is disappointed in my work?
What if I’ve been kidding myself?

The battle of the mind rages…One moment I’m confident and brave, the next doubtful and afraid.

So how can I move forward?

I have big dreams. I want to change the world, one person at a time. I want to help you explore your story, tell your story, encourage you to make your dreams come true. I want to help you see the value in accomplishing all you were meant to accomplish, becoming all you were made to be.

I want to and I will…But I have to get unstuck. I have to get out of the rut of delay and spring forward to freedom. Free to take the next step toward making my and your dreams come true.

I will do this…and I know I can count on God to be right by my side, spurring me on with His promise, “In all things, Elise, I, God, work for your good…” (Romans 8:28

What are you putting off? What can you start doing now to be ready for your next step?


 photo credit: Photo Extremist via photopin cc

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  1. A struggle I can certainly relate to, but I don't always explore the motives of why I am procrastinating. I think that's an important key to getting "unstuck." Can't wait to see the website!!!

    1. I think it's good to check out those motives...yes? I can't wait for the website either...I wrote some copy yesterday. Moving forward one step at time!

  2. I have put many things off. It's a great idea to really explore the reasons why I put off the things I do. Most times once I do what I have put off I am shocked that it wasn't so bad at all. Most times, not all :) I hope I can encourage you in your ideas!


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