Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Capella in My Living Room Is a Simple, But Beautiful Thing


A Capella in My Living Room Is a Simple, But Beautiful Thing

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…”Ecclesiastes 3:1

Two nights  a week, my daughter’s high school, student-led a cappella group Passing Notes practices and perfects their songs in my living room. 16 beautiful, sincere gifted voices blend, wafting throughout every corner of my home. The air is full of light, laughter, song.
My husband and I make ourselves scarce. We try not to interrupt the flow, but are delighted to have our house used for such beauty.

This is a joy made more sweet by the reality that Amelia will leave this nest next fall. Gone will be the extreme stress of applying to college and balancing leadership activities with challenging academics. Gone will be the live living room concerts. Gone will be my baby, my youngest.

When we were discussing our college-bound kids the other day, a friend of mine said, “Oh, but they’re not really gone. They come back.”

Well they may come home again, live home again, visit home again, but this mom who has released three of my four knows, it will never be the same.

I am thankful. I know this is as it should be, but oh yes, parting is such sweet sorrow.
Carpe Diem!

Check put their videos here. I recommend them all, but Lullabye is speaking to me today!

And here’s a YouTube link.
What’s reminding you to seize the day today? Are you enjoying what’s going on in your own living room?

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  1. The kids and I love the video. I know your house will be quite soon but before you know it there will be another generation of laughter and music to fill your rooms!


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