Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Simple, But Beautiful Things - Meals

One Simple, But Beautiful Meal

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is nobel, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. 
Philippians 4:8

My topic?

Simple, But Beautiful Things

I've chatted about this here in the past. Not necessarily intentionally. But I often have this feeling that I wished I had captured, written about, somehow recorded a moment in my day that was beautiful. Simple, but beautiful. Maybe physically, or emotionally, or spiritually...Simple, but beautiful.

I'm actually torn. I have two Simple, But Beautiful things that struck me today (I'm thankful that there were likely many more than two, but two stand out). Not sure which to write about. But what's the rush? I have 31 days...

Okay, I've decided.

This evening, I had dinner with my husband and my daughter. It was a beautiful dinner because my husband made it. Pecan-crusted tilapia, sweet potatoes, salad with toasted walnuts and feta. Beauty. A healthy delicious meal cooked by my husband.

The simple thing of beauty that I have so often overlooked is that simple family meal. Oh at times, it was a huge challenge to gather my hubby and my four hungry, maybe cranky girls, around that table.  At times it wasn't much of a meal. And even at times it was a meal interrupted by someone leaving the table angry, hurt, not being heard or not being understood.

That's when the talking spoon entered the picture. We had to find a more peaceful way to enjoy our meal. And so we started taking turns. If you had the talking spoon, it was your turn to be listened to, uninterrupted. It worked. Conversation simmered down around the table. Dinner was more like a breath of fresh air. A respite in the day.

Soon the winds of change blew. One child out the door to college. Another too busy in rehearsals to make it in time for the family dinner. My husband returning to school in the evenings. The simple family meal became more like a catch as catch can.

It's like that last bath you give your child as they grow to be too didn't see it coming. Then the time came. And then it was over...and you didn't take a picture. You missed that last shot. And now it seems so far away.

Three of my four girls are out living on their own. One remains. Oh sometimes I miss the messy hustle and bustle of young family life.

But for tonight I cherish this one simple, but beautiful family meal. Thank you God.

What's your simple, but beautiful moment for today?


  1. My husband carefully tucking me in then leaning over to kiss me goodbye in the morning as I snuggle in bed with the cat.

  2. Hi Elise,
    That made me cry! Tess still loves her bath, now I will cherish it!
    beautiful blog.

  3. Sorry Sheila! I know it made me cry too. I tell you those things that sometimes feel like such a chore...all the sudden these moments have passed. And I do miss them. Thanks for reading!


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