Monday, March 30, 2009

About Face 2 and The Six Ss

Seek Him First

"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be give you as well." Matthew 6:33

Thanks to all of you who have inquired about my About Face blog post, below.
A few questions have been asked that I’d like to answer. (And thanks to my beloved friends who gather for fellowship weekly…your questions and thoughts are reflected here!)

1. Do you really lie face down on the floor?
Yes, I do. I lie on my stomach, face to the floor, arms above my head. I have found that this is the best way for me to “get to God” first thing in the morning, and remain undistracted for a few moments of prayer, without being interrupted by my wandering thoughts. (And if I can’t breathe, I just turn my head to one side or the other!)
Really, for many years, I tried to start my day with God, “seek Him first” (Matthew 6:33). My attempts failed. This worked. I’m not prescribing this to anyone. However, if you want to start your day with God, if you’d like a few intentional moments with God before your day is in full swing, this might work for you.
And if it doesn’t, you can always experiment with different postures and even mix it up a bit: pray, sitting in your favorite chair (I have a comfy chair in the corner of my living room with good natural light, a reading lamp, and my devotionals in a nearby basket); try kneeling by your bedside; pray as you walk the dog; the shower can be a great place to “pour out your heart” to the Lord; and you can use Post-It notes with scriptures and prayer concerns to remind yourself to pray in the car.

2. What do you do once you’re on the floor?
a. I use the 4 Steps of Prayer that I’ve learned through my many years of praying in Moms In Touch groups (

1. I Praise God for who He is, not what He’s done. God is worthy of our praise. Often I am awakened by a great worship song on my favorite radio station ( that inspires me. (Chris Tomlin’s Here I Am to Worship is a beautiful song that celebrates God’s character.) Or I just pray something like, “I praise you God because you are love.”
2. I Confess. I ask God to remind me of the things I’ve said or done that have been hurtful, or smacked of jealousy, or for my short temper…the list goes on. And I ask for forgiveness. (And I know I receive His forgiveness, because He says so (1John 1:9)!)
3. I Thank God. You know, even on my worst of days, I can always think of things I am thankful for. In fact, these reflections on why I’m grateful help when I’m in a blue mood.
4. I Pray For Others, Myself, World Concerns. I just unload my heart during this time. Depending on my time, I pray for family, friends, those who are sick, those who have asked for prayers, marriages, aging parents, the nation…the world! Whatever God brings to mind, I pray about it.

b. I wind up my floor time with a prayer that incorporates the Six Ss I learned from Charles Stanley (

1. Surrender: Lord help me today to surrender all I am, all I do, all I say.
2. Sensitivity: Lord, I want to be sensitive to your Holy Spirit today. Please help me to be still and attentive to You…to hear your voice despite the noise of life!
3. Scriptures: Help me Lord to know and understand your word a little more today than yesterday.
4. Supplication: Help me to remember that I can always pray—no matter where I am, no matter what I’m doing, when you bring a prayer concern to mind, help me to pray!
5. Self-Denial: Oh Lord, I am so about ME! Help me to put others first.
6. Service: Help me to remember today wherever I go, whatever I do, I am your servant. There is always an opportunity to serve the hungry, the poor, the widow…even just a smile can serve someone today.

3. How long does all this take?
Sometimes, all I have is few moments. So I do what I can…always using those Six Ss as my personal send off. Other times, I stay down on the floor for a ½ hour or so. And try to remember to pray throughout the day!

What’s Your Story?

How about you? Have you found a way to meet with God despite all the demands on our lives? Share what works for you! 


  1. This is a great addition to your floor story. It is like a spiritual Cliff Notes on how to actually pray using our entire body, which we should do since God has given us all of it. Keep up the fascinating Blog! Chris

  2. Cliff Notes--yes! Thanks for the "how to," Elise. You're amazing. Penny

  3. I enjoyed your latest post Elise, it really is a picture of total surrender. I find it helpful to read my devotional even before I get out of bed, this really helps me to focus on the Lord first thing in the morning. I also kneel before the Lord and just stay silent for a few moments so He can speak to me. Often the tears start to flow and I feel like He is saying, " I have heard your cries my child", then I sense His peace come over me.
    Thank you for your labor of love! Gia

  4. Leesie, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this blog and to read all the comments and how its effecting others lives as well makes me tear up. God is doing things here. I have been strugglin to get into my morning devotions lately. I for once have the time, but just don't know where to start and can't really get into it and so this is just what I needed. Some kind of at least get me started.You inspire me. brin

  5. Something I have been doing lately is contemplative prayer in the morning or the evening after work. It is a very grounding practice for me and helps to get my focus on God and who I am in Christ- His beloved! Usually this includes sitting in a comfortable posture for about 10-20 minutes and picking a word to repeat over (like "beloved" or "surrender" for example). Rather than thinking about anything, I try to just remain open to God and rooted in God. As someone once quoted to me, "What do apples do to ripen? They simply sit in the sun." I like that image of resting in God, letting God do the work in me.

  6. I printed the 6 S's and have them sitting in front of me at the kitchen sink! Hopefully it will make washing the dishes an inspiring experience! Thanks for this blog. I usually don't read any, but I will make a point to keep reading this one!!!

  7. I agree anyway to get you from where you are to God works! I find that I need to meet him in the mornings by reading my devotional then praying. Its quiet because the kids are not yet up. The last thing I do at night is read scripture again and pray. This is when I journal writing to God helps me recall his many blessings. Also its like a little legacy I have to leave to my children once I've gone to be with the Lord. I'm praying in those times when they have no where to turn they will read it and understand how mommy got through. Lets face it we all go through. But with God nothing is impossible.

  8. Love the SIX Ss and love you! great to get into all this stuff and learn how to put the gospel in the blogosphere. did i tell you i started a blog? you are way ahead of me tho. night.

  9. Thank you for this ministry, Elise. I enjoy the opportunity to read and reread so I can really be bathed in your contemplations. You have a wonderful gift as a writer and as a Christian woman, and you enrich my life by sharing both so generously.
    God's love,


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