Thursday, August 28, 2014

5 Things I Learned from Jeff Goins Tribe Writers Class

Do You Want to Write...

And Reach a Captive Audience?

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I'm what's called a Tribe Writers Pioneer, because I signed up for Jeff Goins first-ever Tribe Writers course. The course challenged me to take my writing more seriously and find the audience for my writing that already existed. I loved the idea...though I entered the class with some fear and trepidation. After all, who was I to call myself a writer? 

That was two years ago, and I'm still finding Tribe Writers a worthwhile investment. Jeff keeps adding new content and tweaks, so there is always something new every time the class is offered. 

Here's what I learned, so far, through the Tribe Writers course:

  1. I am a writer - Do you have trouble making the claim, "I am a writer!" Well I did. Even though I have been writing for over 30 years. (I know that makes me old, but it also makes me experienced!) 
  2. I have a unique voice - Jeff refers to this as our worldview. It's our reference point, a life compass of sorts. Tribe Writers helps you explore and claim your voice.
  3. There are people who want and even need to hear my voice - That's what's known as our tribe. We just have to do a little exploring to find out where our tribe hangs out and how we can join together to either create or enlarge a community.
  4. Giving away free stuff doesn't make me a sucker - No it makes me generous and it says to my audience, "I have something I sincerely want to share with you." I want to give you something valuable for free! I appreciate that as the recipient, don't you?
  5. My Favorite - A Writer Writes! If I learned nothing else in Tribe Writers, this one thing has been a life-changer. A writer writes. So sit your butt down in a chair - regularly, intentionally, without exception - and write, then write some more, then write some more. Just as a writer writes...if you don't write, you're not a writer! 

So Are You Ready to Gain the Practical Tools, Plus the Encouragement and Empowerment You Need to Write Your Story, Book, Articles, Blog?

Hurry! Tribe Writers is only being offered now through September 4 

Note: If you're looking for One-on-One Coaching, I'd be delighted to help you reach your goals and fulfill your writing dreams. Just click here to contact me and set up your FREE 15-minute consultation !

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Are You Constantly Correcting Your Kids? Take These 5 Steps to Connect First!

Want to Build a Better Relationship with Your Child?
Connect Before You Correct! 

Does this sound familiar?
“Henry, sit down or you’ll spill your milk.”
“Lily your shoes are on the wrong feet.”
“Sammy don’t stick that toothpick up your nose!”
“Alexwhy didn’t you tell me you had a spelling test today?”

Or maybe you’re caught in a pattern of doing business with your husband…

“Chris, did you pay the dentist bill?”
“Okay, honey, it’s going to be a busy weekend. On Friday night, you take Ted to Chuck-e-Cheese, and I’ll get Lauren to Jennifer’s partyThen on Saturday, we can’t sleep in. Anna has to be on the soccer field at 8:30, Ted has his game at 9and Lauren has another birthday party at the skating rink at 10. Then…”
“Date night? Oh maybe we should just stay home. The house is a mess. I’m overwhelmed and exhausted…”

Even with family members and friends, life can be so busy juggling home life, work life, marriage, schedules, who has time for relationship?  Continue Reading @CirclesOfFaith...

Friday, August 1, 2014

My Husband Is My Role Model for God-Sized Dreaming

Who Inspires You on the Path to Fulfilling Your Dreams? 

We gain traction for our God-sized dreams by being inspired, influenced, and impacted by other dreamers.

Maybe they are dreamers who have gone before us and succeeded. Or dreamers who have failed but have demonstrated traits we want to emulate. Or maybe they are dreamers who are somewhere in the middle of fulfilling their God-sized Dream and their progress, their example spurs us on.

My husband Chris is my model for a God-sized dreamer.

He was hit by a car while waiting for his commuter bus 22 years ago…

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Friday, July 11, 2014

How to Exchange Your Worry for Peace When Your Kids Go Off to School

One Thing I'll Never Regret About Raising My Kids

I was heading through our busy suburban streets around the time many kids are going to school in the morning. I was going to be late for my appointment if the traffic didn’t start to move a little faster. Frustration grew as I hemmed and hawed and maybe followed a little too closely behind the car in front of me.

What was the hold-up? Why on this day was the traffic moving sooooo slowly???

Eventually, the cars in front of me made their left and right turns off the main road, and I found myself right behind the big yellow school bus that was causing the delay. I tap-tap-tapped on my steering wheel. Time was ticking and I needed to get somewhere fast… (Continue Reading at

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Blessings and Challenges of a God-sized Dream Adventure

When Your God-sized Dream Leads to Adventure...and Challenge

... I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.     Gen 28:15

I have prayed that my life will be a God-adventure. <-- a="" nbsp="" this="" tweet="">

That God will take me where only He can, places where I cannot go without Him, to live a life that I could not live without Hi

When we embark on an adventure there are elements of the unknown, unexpected fun, and maybe some challenges as well.

I think about the 40-Day family adventure we took across the country almost 12 years ago…

The kids were 13, 11, and 6. Because we had to book rooms at our chosen National Parks almost a year in advance, those reservations were set in stone. But a lot of the travel in-between the National Parks was flexible. The journey along the way was full of never-seen-before sights in areas of the country we had never been to before. We had to spend a lot of time together, in a mini-van to boot.

As we set out on this cross-country adventure, I wondered, What will this be like? Will it be a struggle to get along for 40 days with no one else on board except the five of us? Will we be able to stand each other by the time it’s over?

Well, I can tell you it was the most incredible journey. Continue Reading @

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

When You’re Having an Affair and You Don’t Even Know It

Are You Having an Affair?

Well I was. I didn’t know I was. In fact, it came as quite a shock…

It was one of those periods when I was particularly critical of my husband; every little thing he did bugged me. He got his hair cut too short. He wasn’t loving enough. His chewing was bothering me. And appreciation that he was willing to empty the dishwasher wasn’t my first thoughtNo, instead I thought about how annoying it is that he always leaves one thing out. You know, he puts all the cups, plates, silverware, utensils awaybut he leaves the one lone bowl out, below the cabinet where it belongs.
  • ·       Have you ever experienced annoyance over every little thing your husband does?
  • ·       Or do you concentrate on the things you don’t like about him?
Click here to read the rest at

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